Georgia. The Big Trip

The Big Trip to Georgia is scheduled for the height of the spring and beginning of summer when snow and glaciers start to melt and nature is fully awaken.
This is the time when all those smaller burns that run from the lower altitudes are filled up with water and bigger rivers accumulate it all. Trees are blossoming, early fruits and berries are appearing.

The Big Georgian Trip is a 15 day journey along the rivers from the Black sea up to high mountains of Svaneti. We will enjoy the blooming Adjara, snow-capped peaks of the Caucasian range, medieval towers of Svanetia, cave cities and, of course, legendary Georgian rivers.
Most rivers of Georgia is proper big volume white water at this time of year.
Adjara is amazingly beautiful this time of the year – a riot of greenery and variety of vegetable world make this region look like tropics. We will enjoy picturesque deep canyons and gorges as well as top-class kayaking among flowering rhododendrons. Georgia is mainly loved for its high mountains. Therefore, this summer trip will take us to Svaneti, one of the most interesting regions, with unique culture, ancient traditions and snow-capped peak on the skyline. Georgian hardest river, called Inguri, runs here.
After Svaneti we’ll introduce to you two more regions – Samegrelo and Racha. Samegrelo is situated right on the opposite side of the Svaneti mountains and you can actually hike to Megrelian villages but we will paddle down to them. Racha is a quiet area with only a few settlements but magnificent mountain landscape. So, there is no surprise that rafting and hiking are popular here. The legendary Soviet river Rioni runs here. What’s more, Racha is known for its winemaking and we will do justice to Khvanchkara and Tvishi, one of the best Georgian wine brands.

The trips starts in the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi.
Cave city Vardzia is the first destination point as here is the paddling section of the country’s main river Mtkvari (Kura). From the upper Cura we start our long way to Mountainous Adjara with a short break at Rabati Fortress and through the Goderdzi pass with a magnificent view over the Mountainous Adjara.
While staying in Adjara we will camp close to the villages of Khulo and Shuakhevi. The main river of the region is called Adjaristkali and we will run all its kayaking wise interesting tributaries.
Then, on the way back to the sea we plan to visit the unique Machakhela valley and stay overnight in a local Adjarian house up high in the mountains. National Adjaristani dinner will be shared together with the masters of this hospitable house.
Travelling along the Black Sea coast up north we are going to visit all the hot spots of Batumi and get to the couple of best coastal rivers – Kintrishi and Bzhuzha.
A long road to Mestia, the capital of the highest Georgian region Upper Svaneti, is the next thing to do. We will enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the main peaks of the Caucasus range and some most attractive sections of rivers Mlhura and legendary Inguri.
In the way back we pass through Samegrelo to catch up the Megrelian creams among rivers: Khobi. Tekhuri and Abasha.
Racha region is our last destination. The biggest Georgian river Rioni runs here with its multiple tributaries.
At this point the Big Georgian Trip is over and we head to the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi.
*the route might change depending on rains and water levels. We always strive to choose the best possible route according to the abilities of the group.

Overall classification of the rivers in the trip is class III – IV. Please mind that water levels depend on rains and the amount of melting snow left from winter. That’s why, some sections may get more or less technical. Our knowledge of the country and its rivers allows us to choose the most suitable paddling sections according to the abilities of the group.

Requirements to participants:
You must be able to roll confidently and follow the lines in class 3-4 whitewater.

All your personal paddling equipment including kayak you must bring with you or arrange rent in advance. Also, you will need your camping equipment – sleeping bag, sleeping mat and tent.

Camp equipment:
Most of the time we sleep in tents. Every member must have his personal camping equipment.
Occasionally, we plan overnight stays in hostels or guest houses.

21 of May – 3 of June
3-18 of June

Minimal group size is 4 people.
Maximum group size is 10 people.

1000 euro

What price includes
– airport pick-up and river shuttles for 15 days
– all meals during the trip in the cafe or in the camp
– occasional stays in guest houses
– guiding and safety on the river
– permanent camp equipment – (canopy, sunshades, cookware)

What price does not include
– flights
– medical insurance
– alcohol and tobacco
– other good stuff.

Late spring is a really warm season in Georgia, but it still often rains in April so we recommend to bring proper rain clothes and shoes. The average temperature is 15-22 degrees depending on altitude.

A trip to Georgia is not only about mountains, rivers and boating but also about the local culture which is considered to be one of the most ancient in the world, visits to the monasteries and cities, getting in touch with with incredibly hospitable people who can tell you lots of curious stories and legends of the their native land. Amazing nature, fantastic rivers, communication with open and amazing people, savouring food and fine wine!

Fancy going on an adventure with us? Send us an enquiry! Should you have any questions please email us at and we would provide you with any information you may ask for.

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