Kayak trip to Kyrgyzstan

 In September 2017 we are organizing the kayak trip to wonderful and amazing Central Asia.

The project will take place in Kyrgyzstan in Tian Shan Mountains – a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia. They are one of the longest mountain ranges in Central Asia which stretches for 2,800 kilometers eastward from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. In the ancient times Tian Shan was an essential part of the Silk Road, a major trading route between China and Europe. Numerous caravans came over the passes from China to the fertile Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. No doubt this place will surprise you with an amazing culture, big mountains with high snowy peaks and great whitewater.

This is going to be a 2 weeks long adventure in heart of Central Asia. Amazing sceneries, friendly people, big volume rivers and hot dry climate. Big volume water fun with car support – this is the aim of the trip. Huge mountains, big rivers, mountainous lakes, Asian food and amazing hospitality of local people – this is Kyrgyzstan.

We will paddle 4-5 big volume rivers in different parts of Tian Shan Mountains.

Chong-Kemin river – the right tributary of Chu river, flowing in a big valley north of Issyk-Kul Lake. The section is about 50-60 km long with 5 different gorges on it. Difficulty class IV/V depending on the water level.

Greater Naryn – the left source of the mighty Naryn river – the major river of the Central Tian-Shan. Greater Naryn brings about 2/3 of the volume at the confluence with Smaller Naryn which is about 80-100cms (3000-4000cfs). The most remarkable part of the river known as the Naryn Falls Canyon – a nice one day class IV+/V+ section in a very impressive canyon. It is also possible to add the upper part of Naryn river which will make a nice 3-4 days short self-supported adventure.

Smaller Naryn river – the right source of the mighty Naryn river. The most interesting section is about 20-25 km with lots of class IV-V rapids. It is one day run but most likely we will do it several times.

Naryn river – the biggest river in Central Tian Shan. Akshirak gorge is the interesting section of the river which is about 50km long with lots of class IV-IV+ big volume rapids 200-250cms (7000-9000 cfs). This 2 days long self-support trip down the big and beautiful canyon.

Kekemeren river – the right tributary of Naryn river. About 40km long road side section of big volume class IV-V rapids.

Difficulty of whole trip is class IV/V. But keep in mind that this is big volume rivers with big and long rapids.

Requirements to participants:
Great eskimo-roll and whitewater experience of class IV+ and higher.

– Meeting at the Bishkek airport in Kyrgyzstan.

– Driving/paddling/camping/swimming/singing/making BBQ/having fun on the river.

– Flying home from Bishkek airport.

You have to come with your own paddling gear + kayak and paddles as well as your own camping gear.

Camp equipment:
We will cook on the fire and sleep under the tarps. If you don’t have the experience in expedition kayaking, download a list of stuff what you have to have in this kind of adventures. But make sure that all your equipment fits in your boat.


  • 19th of August – 3d of September 
    *Take an account that first and last days are arrival and departure days.

The group will be not bigger than 11 people. We don’t know at the moment who will come on this trip, but 100% this will be super international group of people which makes this trip even more interesting.

1000 EUR

The price includes:

  • transfer from the airport to the river and back
  • transfers during 14 days
  • guide and safety kayaker on the river
  • trip organization
  • meals during the trip
  • camping equipment (tarps, cooking pots)
  • permit to enter the border zone with China

Price does not include – air fare(flight), medical insurance, alcoholic beverages during the trips

No visa required

The climate is dry especially in the fall. Continental type – cold nights and hot days. The Tian Shan is mosquitoes-free area. The rivers typically flow at an altitude between 1000 and 2500m rarely up to 3000m above sea level.

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  • Filling this form and sending it back to us you agree with the conditions of this trip.

    The organizer of the trip has the right to refuse your participation in this trip if we think that your experience and level of preparation is not suitable for this expedition.




Kayak trip to Kyrgyzstan Photos