Kayak trip to Georgia – Rivers of Black Sea coast

In recent years, we have been actively exploring southern regions of Georgia. Adjaria is tremendously rich from the point of river running. As a ethnical region, Adjaria managed to preserve its autonomy and to stay unique. The mixture of cultures – a combination of Georgian and Turkish traditions – and its originality and authenticity make this region attractive for tourists to explore. Mountains on one side, and the sea on the other, make its climate warm and mild. Winters are short and the summer is warm and long.

Early warm and rainy spring contributes to excellent kayaking conditions. That’s why the first spring trips we offer are in Adjara.
The rivers always have enough water in spring, so we have a wide choice of where to go. We will spend the first few days in Guria at the rivers Bzhuzha, Supsa, Gubazeuli and Achiskali. The Bzhuzha Race takes place on the Bzhuzha river, and the river itself can be considered the best for kayaking. It is very convenient due to having several of different classification and good road connections.
The nature of Adjara will be completely awaken by this time. Green hills and lush green and, of course, rushing rivers will meet us. And at the same time we will be able to see snow-capped peaks of Turkish mountains.
Then we are moving to Guria’s neighbouring region called Samegrelo to the rivers Khobi and Tekhuri. You will be impressed by how remote and beautiful the running sections are.

The trips starts in the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi.
The 1st region to go is Guria where we run Supsa and Bzhuzha rivers.
Then we start moving south along the Black sea coast and catch up Kintrishi and Chakvi rivers. If the water levels are satisfactory, we will paddle down to the Black sea and surf the waves.
Further to the south we’ll find ourselves in region called Mountainous Adjara. Some appealing tributaries of the main river of the valley – Adgaristkali- can be found close to the villages of Khulo and Shuakhevi.Therefore, most of our time will be spent right there paddling down its most attractive kayaking wise sections. On the way back to the sea we plan to visit the unique Machakhela valley and stay overnight in a local Adjarian house up high in the mountains.
A long road trip up north to the region of Samegrelo waits for us after this. Yet we will stop in Batumi to taste the real Adjarian khachapuri. The nuttiest rivers in this area are Khobi, Tekhuri and Abasha. We will run them finishing our trip and heading to the airports of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi after.
*the route might change depending on rains and water levels. We always strive to choose the best possible route according to the abilities of the group.

Overall classification of the rivers of the trip is III+ (IV-). Our knowledge of the country and its rivers allows us to choose the most suitable paddling sections according to the group abilities. Basically, any river on our route can provide sections from class III- upto IV+.

Requirements to participants:
You must have experience and be able to roll in Class III whitewater.


  • Picking up in the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi.
  • 10 day road trip from one paddling section to another
  • the trip finishes in the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi

All your personal paddling equipment including kayak you must bring with you. Also, you will need your personal tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag.
There are kayaks available for rent, at 15 euros per day. Please contact us in advance to confirm availability.

Camp equipment:
This time of the year is quite warm and most of the time we sleep in tents. Occasionally, we stay overnight in guest houses.
We cook ourselves but we dine out in the cafes often. Travelling Georgia you simply have to give local cuisine a try as it is in world’s top 5 for gastronomical tourism. We will definitely enjoy traditional dishes more than once.

9-19 of April
*the first and the last days are the days of arrival and departure to/from airport.

Minimal group size is 4 people.
Maximum group size is 10 people. Generally, we have an international group what makes the journey even more enjoyable.

800 euro

What price includes

  • airport pick-up and river shuttles for 10 days
  • all meals during the trip in the cafe or in the camp
  • occasional stays in guest houses
  • guiding and safety on the river
  • permanent camp equipment – (canopy, sunshades, cookware)

What price does not include

  • flights
  • medical insurance
  • alcohol and tobacco
  • other good stuff

Spring is a really warm season in Georgia, but it still often rains in April so we recommend to bring proper rain clothes and shoes with you. The average temperature is 15-22 degrees depending on altitude.

A trip to Georgia is not only about mountains, rivers and boating but also about the local culture which is considered to be one of the most ancient in the world, visits to the monasteries and cities, getting in touch with with incredibly hospitable people who can tell you lots of curious stories and legends of the their native land. Amazing nature, fantastic rivers, communication with open and amazing people, savouring food and fine wine!
Fancy going on an adventure with us? Send us an enquiry! Should you have any questions please email us at info@two-blades.com and we would provide you with any information you may ask for.

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Rivers of Black sea

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