“To find a paddler who is truly skilled, with the guts to run what others walk away from is common enough. But to find one with the time and patients for others less skilled than themselves is truly rare. Egor is one of those boaters. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him off the water be it about paddling or Russian history and life, and on the water he was an excellent leader.
One of the major highlights from my Kayaking in Siberia was the people involved.”

Ben Hankinson, Australia

“Tomass led the trip with a relaxed and informal manner. The team were highly experienced and his approach encouraged a friendly, fun filled expedition yet under the guidance of a leader who organized the logistic efficiently and clearly planned well to promote a successful experience for all.”

Gordon Ross, Scotland

“At first sight Egor Voskoboynikov is a daunting appearance. ?? feet tall and almost as wide he looks like arisen from the movie »Gladiator«. But if you get to know Egor, you will soon find out that he is the nicest guy you can imagine: he is polite, helpful, calm and just a mellow character. Here is a little story which pretty much sums up what kind of guy Egor is. We were on an expedition together (Onot river in Siberia) and I was scouting a sketchy canyon from the far side. When I tried to get back in my kayak and cross the pool above what turned out to be a almost unrunnable drop, I slipped and dropped my boat into the current. Egor didn’t hesitate a single moment but jumped in the water swam across the pool to rescue my equipment. And hey, that was not even me but only my kayak!
When Egor himself gets into his kayaking mode he changes back from the calm person to the warrior kind of type: He has the physical power and the mindset to challenge the hardest whitewater and scariest drops. But Egor is not just brave but he is running his lines with grace. I’ve just been on one bigger trip with Egor but I can definitely say that I would always be happy to have him around!”

Philip Baues, Germany

“I have been a recreational whitewater kayaker and weekend warrior for over 40 years and have been on many trips to many places with many different people… and I must say that my trip with Tomass to the Sayan Mountains of Siberia in 2013 ranks among the best ever! The trip was truly as advertised: expedition kayaking in a remote and beautiful part of the world that few people will ever see on super fun whitewater. Many of us do not have the time or resources to put together a trip like this on our own and to be given the opportunity to take part in one at a reasonable cost and with a kayaker and person of such high quality is truly amazing. Thanks Tomass!!”

Russ Patterson, USA

“I had the pleasure of paddling with Egor Voskiboynikov this past summer in the Sayan Mountains of Siberia. Egor is a great guy and an incredible person. As a paddler his skills are top notch and his level of energy limitless. As a team member he continually stepped up and assumed many responsibilities including cooking most of the meals! When you’re on a 10-day self support river trip with new people, you always wonder before hand what the personalities are going to be like. With Egor you get a rock solid individual who’s funny and very personable.”

Dave Farkas, Canada

“Planning a class IV-V kayaking trip half way around the world can be a daunting task at best. Kayaking in Siberia trips couldn’t be easier with Tomass’s grasp on trip logistics. Your only job, commit and get on the plane. What you’ll find, no amount of money can purchase; pristine wilderness and the highest quality of whitewater. This once in a lifetime opportunity to open your mind, push your body, and find yourself in the mountains of Siberia with Tomass Marnics is truly as good as it gets.”

Tony Gianfagna, USA