Our projects

In last years Two Blades team has been traveling a lot in different places around the world. Here are some of the last projects where we took part in together with our friends.

Kayaking is an amazing opportunity to see the world. There are so many unique places on Earth and they do remain in our hearts and souls forever, taking some part of our internal world.

Two Blades


Indonesia 2009 Expedition to Siberia 2009
“Into the Unknown”

Expedition to Altai 2010
“The Book of Legends”

Mexico 2011

California 2011

Expedition to Siberia 2011

Mountains that hold the sky
Expedition to Siberia 2012 USA / Canada 2013
Into the Siberian Wilderness 2013 Onot River – Siberia 2014

“During my kayaking carrier I had an amazing experience paddling the rivers and organizing projects in different places on Earth. In my opinion this experience has to be shared with kayakers who just started their way. If you have such a wish, drop us a note and we will consider your ideas.”