Siberia Sayan 2012

Experience in Siberia

Hi guys !

When I think about my experience in Siberia, just one word comes to mind : GREAT! Great people, great rivers, great nature!
I have spent one month paddling in Siberia on Urik, Kitoi and Biluti rivers with Tomass and other Russian and European guys and it was really nice. Tomass manadges really well these expeditions under all aspects: organisation, cooking and safety.
Paddling in Siberia is a nice opportunity to make kayak expeditions in the middle of nowhere and in the unknown place of the world, in secure conditions, with nice people. I wish I can go back again someday! Keep just in mind that a good physical condition is mandatory.

So don’t be scared of Russia, you can trust Tomass for 100%, just tell him before leaving the town that he needs to buy more Snickers bars!


Friendly, Xavier Postiaux.