Kayak expedition to Altai Mountains/Russia. Altai. Class III.


It’s a common opinion among kayakers across the world that Altai is a place where one can find the most challenging and terrifying class V rivers of Siberia. Words such as “Majoy”, “King of Asia”, “Book of legends”, “Bashkaus”, Karagem break” make kayakers tremble.

However, there are many scenic, picturesque and interesting river sections, which are much less difficult and could be suitable and runnable for people with a wide skill level, so almost for everyone!.

We would like to break common opinions and show the world that Altai is suitable for everybody!

Tour description

This 14-day long kayak tour will include paddling on the most interesting and legendary Altai rivers. You will experience very different rivers and river sections in 1-2 days expeditions.

In this tour, we plan to run classic Altai rivers by choosing the most appropriate and suitable river sections for our group.

The first river on this tour will be Chuya. It’s a classical Altai river, which gives the name to the most beautiful Russian road “Chuyskiy trackt”.

There is a variety of runnable sections ranging from class III to class V, including the legendary “Majoy cascade”. For this tour, we will choose stretches of class III-IV. The warm-up section will start from Kuray rapids and then we will continue paddling on “King of Asia” classification section from rapid “Malysh” and then we will finish the middle and the lower sections by rapids “Begemot”, “Slalomny”, “Classicheskiy”, “Turbina” and “Horizont”. Paddling Chuya will take us several days and we will have a chance to run some sections a few times.

The next river we plan to paddle is Bashkaus. Upper Bashkaus canyons are as beautiful as the legendary lower canyon of “Book of legend”, however, much easier and safer. We will enjoy these rapids running them several times on empty boats and at a comfortable pace.

After an intense warm-up on Chuya and Bashkaus, we will start our first two-day journey on the Chulyshman river. We will cover almost 80 km of remote and picturesque parts of Altai with exciting rapids. There we will also find 10 m high waterfall Kurkure. After the expedition, we will continue paddling lower Chulyshman until Chul’cha river.

Chul’cha river is a cherry-on-a-cake of Altai but is of the highest difficulty class, therefore we will move onto trekking to visit a mighty Uchar waterfall.

Further, we will move through the Katu-yaryk pass, which is believed to be one of the most impressive views on the whole Chulyshman valley.

We will close up the tour with the largest Altai river Katun’. This river is like a real water park, full of huge waves, but safe and fun. There you gonna learn what the real Siberian BIG volume is.

The overall difficulty is class III-IV

Participation requirements:
Whitewater experience of class III or higher

Guides in the tour:

Kirill Kosogorov 

Tour logistics:
— Pick up at the Novosibirsk airport
— Transfers to Altai/Shuttles to rivers/Transfer to Novosibirsk
— Flight back

All the necessary paddling gear including kayak, along with all the equipment for the autonomous expedition has to be brought by every participant. We will sleep under a tarp or in tenets and will cook on a fire.


 5 – 19 July 2021 ( alternative dates 7 – 22 august, or by request)

*the first and the last day are reserved for the arrival and the departure.

The maximum number of participants is 7. Most likely this will be an international team of kayakers from all over the world, which will make this trip even more interesting.

The tour is carried out only with the application of a ready group of a minimum of 5 people

1200 EUR per person

It includes:

– Airport pickups and transfers
– All transportation on a car during the trip (18 days)
– Food
– Guidance and safety on the water
– All camping equipment

The price does not include:

flights, personal medical insurance, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, etc.

Typically, the weather in Altai is rather good in this season, however, mountains are often unpredictable. Average temperatures in July are around +21 +23 degrees, but the night is usually somehow colder.

Our goal of this tour is to experience the big water of Altai.

COVID-19 regulation:


Before traveling to Russia, read carefully the rules of visiting the country and the list of current restrictions on the website here

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Kayak trip to Altai (Altai for All)

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