Chorokh river packrafting


Packraft is a light inflatable boat designed for use on any water bodies, including descending  on mountain rivers.

The peculiarity of packraft lies in its lightness and compactness. These boats were specially designed for mixed hiking and water routes. The boat is easy to carry, inflate and deflate. The modern design of the boat makes it universal, which allows anyone without any whitewater experience on mountain rivers to overcome water obstacles up to category 2.

We have single, double and triple boats to choose from (including 2 adults and 1 child). This is the main difference from rafting, where the number of rowers is 6-8 people. On packcraft, you alone (or with a partner) will be able to fully control the rafting process, and you will get much more fun (and adrenaline) than on a large and heavy raft.

The descent is accompanied by a qualified instructor, along safe sections of the river.

We will start from the last dam after Erge village and finish right on the beach at the end of Batumi Boulevard near the airport. An ideal route for the first experience of rafting on mountain rivers and acquaintance with the nature of Adjara.

On this tour you will:

  • get a brief instructions and selection of equipment, change clothes;
  • learn the basics of boat management;
  • experience rapids of 1-2 categories, fascinating water structures, adrenaline and emotions (those who wish can simplify the obstacle along the non-turbulent part of the river near the banks);
  • be impressed with stunning views of the Adjara mountains;
  • enjoy the amazing bird colonies (most likely you have never seen so many seagulls before);
  • see how the big river Chorokhi flows into the Black Sea, panoramas of Batumi from the sea (near the airport);
  • swim among the dolphins, if we’d be lucky;
  • have the opportunity to try driving a polyethylene kayak for extreme rafting at sea near the finish line;

In any of our tours, you will not only raft down the river from start to finish, but you will learn:

  • the basics of water safety
  • basics of behavior in an emergency situation
  • fundamentals of paddling technique
  • types of water structures of mountain rivers
  • get answers to any questions about whitewater

Complementary photos and videos will be provided by our guides.


We provide all necessary equipment (shoes, wetsuit, helmet, life jacket).

Participants are advised to bring with them: bathing suit, sunscreen, a change of warm clothes (depending on the weather).


All participants are preferred to be water-safe.

The use of alcoholic beverages and drugs is not compatible with rafting on mountain rivers.

Included in the price:

  • equipment rental;
  • transfer from start to finish, when needed;
  • guide’s work;
  • bottled water;
  • sunscreen;
  • snacks(real Georgian churchkhela);
  • fruit picnic on the beach.

The price does not include:

  • transfer to the start;
  • transfer from the finish line.
Additional info

Duration of the active part: 2-4 hours

Length of the active part: 15 km

Seasonality of the tour: by request, May 1 - October 1.

Level of training: evrybody (suitable for the first experience, children who can swim can participate)

Group: minimum group 3 participants. According to individual requests, we can organize rafting for 1-2 people.


Rafting start time: 11.00 and 16.00 (pre-registration required)

  • Location: Batumi, Georgia
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Level of preparation: everyone (available for adult kids)
  • Number of participants: 3+ people
  • Cost: 150 GEL per person
150 GEL
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