Kayak trip to Kyrgyzstan

Kayak trips

This year we are organizing the kayak trip to wonderful and amazing Central Asia…

The project will take place in Kyrgyzstan in Tian Shan Mountains – a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia. They are one of the longest mountain ranges in Central Asia which stretches for 2,800 kilometers eastward from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. In ancient times, Tian Shan was an essential part of the Silk Road, a major trading route between China and Europe. Numerous caravans came over the passes from China to the fertile Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. No doubt this place will surprise you with an amazing culture, big mountains with high snowy peaks, and great whitewater.

This is going to be a 2 weeks long adventure in heart of Central Asia. Amazing sceneries, friendly people, big volume rivers, and hot dry climate. Big volume water fun with car support – this is the aim of the trip. Huge mountains, big rivers, mountainous lakes, Asian food, and amazing hospitality of local people – this is Kyrgyzstan.

We will paddle 4-5 big volume rivers in different parts of the Tian Shan Mountains.

Chu river This is the closest river to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is ideal for warmup, as it flows along the highway and has easy access to any part. This river will give us a taste of the white waters of Central Asia. Difficulty class III – III +

Chong-Kemin river – the right tributary of Chu river, flowing in a big valley north of Issyk-Kul Lake. The section is about 50-60 km long with 5 different gorges on it. On this river there are many different sections from class II to class V. We will choose the section that will fit the forces of our group. All sections are close to the river, which will allow us to run it on empty boats. The difficulty class III / IV + depending on the water level.

Greater Naryn – the left source of the mighty Naryn river – the major river of the Central Tian-Shan. Greater Naryn brings about 2/3 of the volume at the confluence with Smaller Naryn which is about 80-100cms (3000-4000cfs). We will start from the very upper part and will make a nice 2-3 days short self-supported class 3-4 adventure. The most remarkable part of the river is known as the Naryn Falls Canyon – a nice class IV+/V section in a very impressive canyon ( which easy to portage).

Smaller Naryn river – younger brother of Big Naryn. The upper part of Small Naryn does not represent a great sporting interest, but the middle part is very beautiful and is saturated with a rapids class III / III + (IV) category. The most interesting and challenging part is the “Impermeable” canyon, about 10 km long, with class IV / V rapids located in the lower part of this river and, if desired, we can skip this part. The river flows close to the road, which will allow us to run along the rapids of Small Naryn on empty boats.

Naryn river – the biggest river in Central Tian Shan. Akshirak gorge is an interesting section of the river that is about 50km long with lots of class IV-IV+ big volume rapids 200-250cms (7000-9000 CFS). Due to the huge volume of water, all the rapids have a lot of lines and we will always be able to choose the line that you can do. The length of the rafting site is about 80 km with class III / IV + rapids located in a deep and picturesque gorge.

Kekemeren river – the right tributary of the Naryn river. The 40 km long section is located along the road, which will allow it to run several times on empty boats. We will divide this section into two parts and spend a whole day on each part. The complexity of class III-IV, depending on the water level.

This year we will go on this journey at the beginning of September, which will provide us with a much lower flow of water in all the rivers and significantly simplify our kayaking.
The difficulty of the whole trip is class III/IV (IV+).

Requirements to participants:
Great eskimo-roll and whitewater experience of class III-IV.



We are planning to organize two trips along the same route at different dates in 2024

The water level in the Tien Shan rivers begins to drop rapidly at the end of summer. With a difference of two weeks, we will be able to run two trips of different difficulty.

 24.08. - 07.09. 2024 - Classical  big water of the Tien Shan. Big volume continus class 3 - 4 (4+)

08.09 - 22.09. 2024 - Classical the Tien Shan rivers in low water. Class 3 - 3+ (4)


Accommodation and food

During the trip we will mainly live in tents, so we need to be prepared for this. We will stay in hotel in Bishkek in arrival and departure days and aslo few night in yutr camps wich is includede to trip price.

Whenever possible, we will eat in local cafes and restaurants. But since our route runs through places remote from civilization, we will cook our own food in the camping kitchen.

– Meeting at the Bishkek airport in Kyrgyzstan.

– Driving/paddling/camping/swimming/singing/making BBQ/having fun on the river.

– Flying home from Bishkek airport.

You have to come with your own paddling gear + kayak and paddles as well as your own camping gear.

Camp equipment:

It will be road trip around county, we will stay mostly in a wild camps. 

We are planing to make two short multy day trip. We will cook on the fire and sleep under the tarps. If you don’t have the experience in expedition kayaking, download a list of stuff that you have to have in this kind of adventure. But make sure that all your equipment fits in your boat.


The group will be no bigger than 9 people. It should be a group of 4 people minimum. We don’t know at the moment who will come on this trip, but 100% this will be a super international group of people which makes this trip even more interesting.

Additional info

The price includes:

  • transfer from the airport to the river and back
  • transfers during 14 days
  • guide and safety kayaker on the river
  • trip organization
  • meals during the trip
  • camping equipment (tarps, cooking pots)
  • permit to enter the border zone with China

Price does not include: 

airfare(flight), medical insurance, alcoholic beverages during the trips

No visa required

The climate is dry, especially in the fall. Continental type – cold nights and hot days. The Tian Shan is a mosquitoes-free area. The rivers typically flow at an altitude between 1000 and 2500m rarely up to 3000m above sea level. When spending the night in the high mountains at night it can be quite cold, so be sure to take warm clothes.

Great trip along the rivers of central Kyrgyzstan


24.08 - 07.09.2024 - Classical Big water of the Tien Shan rivers. Big volume continues class 3 - 4 (4+)

08.09 - 22.09.2024 - Classical of the Tien Shan rivers in Low water. Class 3 - 3+ (4)

Duration: 14 days (10-12 days on the rivers)

Difficulty: from class III up to IV+

Spots: 4-9 people

min 4 - max 9
24.08 - 07.09.2024 , class 3-3+(4)
08.09 - 22.09.2024 , class 3-3+(4)