Short trip in Georgia

Kayak trips

Kayaking is simply a good reason to visit the amazing country of Georgia!

A journey to Georgia is not only about mountains, rivers and boats, but  it is also about the acquaintance with the culture of one of the oldest countries in the world, incredible Georgian cuisine, visits to monasteries and ancient cities, and meeting the   hospitable  Georgian people who can tell a large number of interesting legends and stories about their land.

A one-week trip covers one or two regions. Western Georgia is the most diverse in terms of kayaking, so most likely we will go there. In 7 days we will devote maximum time to kayaking and a minimum of days on the road.


Our journey will start at the airport of Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi, depending on the convenient flights for the majority of the group.We will spend most of the time in the West Georgia, there is the greatest concentration of different class of white water.

In one week we will make a large ring route, about 1,000 km through Western Georgia. Given the water levels, we will ride along those rivers and sections that will be of interest at the moment.

Each time we will build a route based on: the water level in the rivers, the skills of the participants and the weather conditions.


Overall classification of the rivers in the trip is class  III - III+ . Basically, any river on our route can provide sections from class II-III- upto IV.

Requirements to participants:

You must be able to roll confidently and follow the lines in class II-III whitewater.

Guides in a trip:

Egor Voskoboynikov

Alona Buslaeva


Picking up in the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi.

Week road trip from one paddling section to another.

The trip finishes in the airport of Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Batumi.


All your personal paddling equipment including kayak you must bring with you. Occasionally, we will stay overnight in guest houses. Therefore, you will need your camping equipment – sleeping bag, sleeping mat only. We will give you our tents is needed, as we plan to sleep in our tents a few times.

There are kayaks available for rent and over kayak equipment for rent. Please contact us in advance to confirm availability.

Camp equipment:

Most of the time we will stay in guest houses.

We will eat in restaurants most of the time, but we will also cook ourselves and eat out from time to time. Traveling Georgia you simply have to give local cuisine a try as it is in the world’s top 5 for gastronomical tourism. We will definitely enjoy traditional dishes more than once.

We are planning to stay in a camp few nights. You need to take only a sleeping bag with you. We will give the rest of equipment


One week is not enough to see all of Georgia, but it’s enough to devote maximum time to one or two regions and kayak every day.


Minimal group size is 4 people.

Maximum group size is 7 people for one guide.

What price includes:

  •    airport pickup and river shuttles for 15 days
  •    all meals during the trip in the cafe/restaurant or in the camp
  •    stays in guest houses/camping
  •    guiding and safety on the river
  •    permanent camp equipment (canopy, sunshades, cookware, tent)

What price does not include:

  •    flights
  •    medical insurance
  •    alcohol and tobacco
  •    other good stuff.
  •    rentals


Depending on the time of year, temperatures in Western Georgia can range from +5 to +30. In spring and autumn, be prepared for long rains; in summer it can get very hot.

Before the trip you can contact us once again about what kind of clothes it is better to take with you during this period of time.

Fancy going on an adventure with us? Send us an enquiry! If you have any questions please email us at and we would provide you with any information you may ask for.


Short trip along the rivers of western Georgia

Duration: 7 days (5-6 days on the rivers)

Difficulty: from class II-III up to IV+

Spots: 4-7 people

min 4 - max 7
05.10 - 12.10.2024 , 7
13.10 - 20.10.2024 , 7
27.10 - 03.11.2024 , 7