Training camp in Turkey

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Training camp in Turkey

Slalom course on the river Firtina is located 70 kilometers from the Georgian- Turkish border in the Ardesen city. This place is the main training base of the Turkish slalom team. In autumn and winter, this place is popular among teams from other countries. Due to the warm climate and proximity to the sea, you can practice here almost all year long. The Firtina river is also the main rafting center in Turkey, and the upper sections are interesting for kayaking from class II to IV. We plan on doing one of our training camps in the city of Yusufeli, where the second white water slalom course of this region is located. High in the mountains on the Barkhal River (the tributary of Chorokh) there is a cozy slalom base with all amenities.


– Intensive training week on the slalom course

– Kayaking on the upper sections of the closest river


Ardesen, Turkey

Yusufeli, Turkey

Dates: One week (7 days) training camp by request

* The exact dates and places are to be agreed upon in personal messages.


You should bring your own gear (boat, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet, paddle wear).

We have a few boats and some gear which you can rent. The boat rent is 10 euro/day. Please tell us in advance if you would like to rent a boat or other equipment.

The price includes:

  • all transfers during the camp
  • instructors, rescue, and classes
  • administration
  • photo and video recording during classes

The price does not include:

  • arrival to Georgia
  • accommodation
  • food
  • medical insurance
  • excursions, entertainment


You can come to Georgia and get to Batumi by yourself. Then we get on our bus and go to the slalom course, it’s about 2 hours along the border. You can also come to the nearest airport in Turkey (Trabzon) and get to Ardesen by yourself or arrange a transfer with us.

The matters relating to the organization of staying (hotel, hostel, camping) and eating are decided jointly on the spot.

* All other questions are to be agreed upon in personal messages.

min 4 - max 6
no new dates