Training camp in Georgia

Kayak school

Kayaking should be fun. That is why we would like to teach you to paddle, to enjoy your time on a river and to understand how to run rapids safely for you and your mates.

Training camp:
You should learn to kayak on a simple, safe, and familiar spot, but to progress, you need to experience different rivers. That’s why we introduce a new programme that encompasses both basic training and downriver paddling.

For whom the camp is planned:
The kayak camp in Georgia is planned for those who already have some experience in whitewater kayaking and would like to improve their skill level. The programme is suitable also for those who spent winter in the gym/swimming pool and would like to refresh their experience. This camp is for those who like paddling rivers and who wish to learn to do it right and to enjoy their kayaking. In addition, we will instruct you on the basics of river safety and rescue, first aid and other useful techniques.

The number of participants:
The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum is 6.


By order for group of 3 person minimum


Approximate schedule:

The camp is divided into two blocks (3 days each).

The first block is all about the basics of kayaking. For the first three days, we will practice on the same river stretch and will work on our technique on a familiar spot.

After three days of intense training, we will have an obligatory resting day.

The second block is planned to teach you to use the skills in a real environment on a river. These days we will paddle different rivers and different sections using the skills you learnt in the first block.

Also, we will film you and every evening we will analyze your paddling technique from these videos.


Western Georgia is a great location for this camp. Depending on water level, weather and participants’ skills we will organize this camp in the following locations:

-In Adjaria or Guria regions (staying in Batumi)

-On the rivers of Samegrelo (Khobitskali and Tekhuri, staying in Mukhuri)

-On different sections of Rioni river (staying in Oni).


You should bring your own gear (boat, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet, paddle wear).
We have a few boats and some gear which you can rent. The boat rent is 10 euro/day. Please tell us in advance if you would like to rent a boat or over equipment.


Egor Voskoboynikov

The price includes:

– all transfers during the camp
– instructions, rescue, and classes
– administration
– photo and video recording during classes
– transfers to Batumi or Kutaisi airports

The price does not include:
–   arrival to Georgia

  • accommodation
  • food
  • medical insurance
    -excursions, entertainment



Since the location and the dates can vary, we decided to keep the transportation question open. You decide how you would like to get to the camp, to take a flight or to drive your own vehicle. We can help to organise the transfer from the local airports of Kutaisi or Batumi. Transfers from Tbilisi should be discussed separately. You can get to Western Georgia on an intercity bus of MetroBus company (they take boats on board too).

Accommodation and food

You can also decide on your own accommodation and meals. Since the programme is very busy there is not much time left for the daily routine issues, so we suggest staying in one of the local guesthouses or hotels, and to take advantage of restaurants/cafes or guesthouse catering. Also, we have all the camping equipment with us so upon request, we can also organize living in a campsite.

* please feel free to contact us to discuss any other questions about the camp

You can paddle rivers with your eyes full of fear, but you can also learn to do it with full control and knowledge and also to enjoy it. It is up to you.

Improving kayaking skills on the rivers of western Georgia

Dates: By order of 3 persons

Duration: 7 days (5-6 days on the rivers)

Difficulty: by order

Spots: 3-7 people

min 3 - max 6
no new dates