Private training

We specialize in education and technical training for those in love with mountains and snow. We train ski clubs, ski instructors, coaches, children and youth teams, participate in athletes' technical training and develop individual training programs using modern technologies and methods.

Individual training with the coaches of the Two Blades team includes:

  • technical preparation;
  • preparation for technical exams in alpine skiing of any level;
  • preparation for ISIA/EURO tests;
  • specialized training for off-piste skiing;
  • training GS/SL;
  • regular video analysis;
  • individual training plan.
of participants
Half Day
(3 hours on the snow)
Full day
(5 hours on the snow, 1 hour break)
1 300 EUR 450 EUR
2 350 EUR 500 EUR
3 400 EUR 550 EUR
4 450 EUR 600 EUR

For all questions regarding organization of individual training, you can contact us by mail: or phone number: +436766385290.