Two Blades Ski Club is a project born a long time ago, but it took years for the idea to gain power. During this time, we got comprehensive education and invaluable experience. Our thoughts have materialized into purposeful actions. We have a clear vision of how to continue developing in alpine skiing on the way to technical excellence.

We are in love with the indescribable grandeur of the mountains, the smell of the fresh snow, and most importantly, what distinguishes a good skier from everyone else is the freedom and elegance of movements. We love skiing and put a lot of effort, time, and energy into our education. We are constantly learning and progressing and do not want to stop.

Our goal is to develop ourselves and our knowledge to develop young athletes, instructors, and ski enthusiasts.

"A good coach is simply obliged to constantly look for ways to evolve himself to develop and improve others." – Tomass Marnics.