Club training

We specialize in education and technical training for those in love with mountains and snow. We train ski clubs, ski instructors, coaches, children and youth teams, participate in athletes' technical training, and develop individual training programs using modern technologies and methods.

The training program of the Two Blades Club includes regular skiing and rollerblading throughout the year. We guide you towards your goal, monitor your progress, and motivate you to achieve the desired result in the long term. In addition, regular club training is an opportunity to have a fun weekend with enthusiastic people.

What does membership in the Two Blades Club give you?

Registered members of our club receive:

  • the possibility of regular ski training both in winter and summer (ski + rollerblades);
    access to methodological materials of our club;
  • the option of purchasing a subscription (club card) to participate in training;
  • the opportunity to buy products with the symbols of the club Two Blades;
  • the opportunity to participate in private events of the Two Blades Club.